Mickey Kaus On Obama, The Elderly (American) Vote And The Much Smaller Hispanic Vote
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Newsweek's Andrew Romano has an article titled "The GOP's Senior Moment." Turnout was huge among seniors, and rejection of Obama profound.(By the way, seniors are much whiter than younger Americans, because they reflect the America of 65+ years ago.) Seniors don't need Obamacare because Lyndon Johnson passed Medicare in the 60's (over the objections of Senator Goldwater, among others) and they're worried about death panels. Mickey Kaus writes, (also in Newsweek) that:

The subterranean meme in Romano's article is pretty obvious: he's arguing the GOP will have to attract other, non-elderly "rapidly growing groups," including "minorities." Who might those groups be? Gee, I dunno. Latinos? Just a guess! Latinos were 8 percent of the midterm electorate. They'd have to grow mighty rapidly to even begin to approach the seniors' 23 percent share. And how would the GOP alter its "message" to attract them?  I guess I'd be paranoid to think an MSM reporter would take a historic victory by conservatives and twist it into an argument for Latino-pleasing "comprehensive immigration reform" (including an amnesty for illegal immigrants). The real danger to the national GOP isn't that they'll keep on getting only 34 percent of the Latino vote. It's that Obama might figure out a way to unalienate the 59 percent of seniors he and Orszag unnecessarily ticked off.  1:16 a.m.
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