Mickey Kaus On Obama, The Elderly (American) Vote And The Much Smaller Hispanic Vote
November 10, 2010, 01:24 AM
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Newsweek`s Andrew Romano has an article titled "The GOP`s Senior Moment." Turnout was huge among seniors, and rejection of Obama profound.(By the way, seniors are much whiter than younger Americans, because they reflect the America of 65+ years ago.) Seniors don`t need Obamacare because Lyndon Johnson passed Medicare in the 60`s (over the objections of Senator Goldwater, among others) and they`re worried about death panels. Mickey Kaus writes, (also in Newsweek) that:

The subterranean meme in Romano`s article is pretty obvious: he`s arguing the GOP will have to attract other, non-elderly "rapidly growing groups," including "minorities." Who might those groups be? Gee, I dunno. Latinos? Just a guess! Latinos were 8 percent of the midterm electorate. They`d have to grow mighty rapidly to even begin to approach the seniors` 23 percent share. And how would the GOP alter its "message" to attract them?  I guess I`d be paranoid to think an MSM reporter would take a historic victory by conservatives and twist it into an argument for Latino-pleasing "comprehensive immigration reform" (including an amnesty for illegal immigrants). The real danger to the national GOP isn`t that they`ll keep on getting only 34 percent of the Latino vote. It`s that Obama might figure out a way to unalienate the 59 percent of seniors he and Orszag unnecessarily ticked off.  1:16 a.m.