Mickey Kaus: "Ignore The F—ing Scandals...save The Country From Chuck Schumer."
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H/T One Old Vet

It really is not possible or necessary to improve on Mickey Kaus’s comments on the Amnesty situation:

…the Republican consultants–e.g. Gillespie, Rove–who helped Mitt Romney lose the 2012 election have taken their own failure as an excuse to push what they’ve wanted all along–a business-pleasing immigration policy guaranteeing a supply of inexpensive labor from abroad and a stream of campaign donations to pay Republican consultants…

FOX News has for all intents and purposes switched sides, giving immigration “comprehensivists” a monopoly in the MSM–five networks to none.
If you are a Democrat who worries about immigration and low wages, you probably don’t exist, (or have) been driven out–or underground–by the lure of ethnic identity politics.

You’d think Rush Limbaugh–a rare non-Fox conservative star, who understands what is at stake– might have a good deal  of time to spend on the Gang of 8 bill the day before its first test vote in the Senate. You would be wrong. Rush talked mainly about the NSA.

Wake Up! The Daily Caller 06/11/2013

Kaus accurately says

Conservatives–while you are (rightly) excited about NSA snooping and partisan IRS corruption, the Congress is about to change America in a more profound, permanent way right under your noses...Democrats will have shaped the future electorate to their own liking. They’ll have transformed what America is.

He goes on to express the opinion

..fear will be the crucial factor. If Senators fear losing their office if a bill becoming law–and they tend to be highly risk-aware–it often has a way of dying without any fingerprints on it (which is arguably what happened in 2007).

and makes concrete suggestions about how to exert it.


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