Mickey Kaus: "Boehner Did … What?" (Boehner's A Treacherous Weasel )
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Mickey Kaus at the Daily Caller has an item saying Boehner Did … What? [July 8, 2013] He's linking to this exchange from Meet The Press

MS. MITCHELL: And immigration was going to be the one thing that they could have pointed to. And I think that conversation with John Boehner and the president, the president doesn’t have a whole well of trust in Boehner saying, you know, hang with me, I can get this done by the end of the summer. Boehner still doesn’t have the support and you heard what– what Congressman Labrador has been saying, they don’t have a Marco Rubio on the House side who can try to work around the edges… [Emphasis added]

MR. TODD: It was supposed to be Paul Ryan.

MS. MITCHELL: …and bring it together.

MR. TODD: It was supposed to be Paul Ryan…

MS. MITCHELL: And he’s gone silent I think. …

Wait a minute–John Boehner said what to the President? Remember that Boehner is probably the key to whether or not the bill passes. If he wants to engineer a House floor vote, in defiance of his caucus, it might. Otherwise, not so likely. So a great deal of temperature-taking and tea-leaf reading has gone into figuring out which side Boehner is really on. Andrea Mitchell seems to be saying: He’s telling the President he’s trying to get a bill passed. Just give him time. And given an opening, he’ll make it happen.

There's more. Kaus says this is important if true, and points out that Andrea Mitchell, who's passing what seems to be inside info is " is nothing if not well-connected." Mitchell is Mrs. Alan Greenspan.

People wondering if the Boehner might actually be planning to try this need to consider not only whether Ms. Mitchell is well-connected, but whether Boehner is a treacherous weasel.

Boehner is a treacherous weasel.

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