Michael Fumento On Nativo Lopez And The Right To Criticize
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Michael Fumento, who has frequently heaped scorn on amateur bloggers, now has a blog himself.

Check out his response to some hatemail he got recently regarding his recent column on the decline and fall of Nativo Lopez ,[Michael Fumento: A Race-Baiter Falls from Grace] where his correspondent questioned Fumento's right to criticize black and Hispanic leaders :

I would have thought you'd have gotten the idea from my column criticizing a Hispanic that I don't subscribe to the notion that it's forbidden to criticize someone outside your own racial or ethnic group. I am a homo sapien; they are homo sapiens. That is my standing. Those they oppress are human beings; that is my motivation.

The complaint that that whites don't have the right to criticize black leaders is one that's never heard in reverse; from Martin Luther King bashing Goldwater and Reagan, to Julian Bond comparing Republicans to terrorists, no one has suggested for forty years that they don't have the right to criticize someone outside their "own racial or ethnic group."

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