Mexico: Two Modest Proposals
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A very sincere hat tip to the blogger Unabashedly Unhyphenated for drawing attention to what he correctly evaluates as a jackhammer-impact of a post Comprehensive immigration reform must include Mexico at the blog My View by Sergio Canto.

Canto suggests, with documentation, that Congressional Democrats are not eager to support the Bush Amnesty/Immigration- Acceleration measure because it is too dangerous and because so many of them won their elections positioning against illegal immigration. He cites Democrats clash on Immigration policy By Nicole Gaouette Los Angeles Times November 24 2006:

Statements by incoming members such as Claire McCaskill, the Democratic senator-elect from Missouri, could provide an early warning of the difficulties ahead. In a September television spot, McCaskill sat at a kitchen table and looked directly into the camera. "Let me tell you what I believe in," she said. "No amnesty for illegal immigrants."

Canto, who apparently does business in Mexico, goes on to add his own, rather special, contribution:

As we have said before, the answer lives in Mexico. The US can change its laws but it cannot fix Mexico.

At the end of the day, change will happen in Mexico when Pres. Calderon (and the Mexican Congress) can not count on $20 billion in "remesas". ( Remittances – from Mexicans abroad.)

Change will come when thousands of young men march in Mexico City rather than work in the US.

My solution is harsh but it is the best medicine for Mexico.

Close the border and force Mexicans to solve their problems…

...Mexico needs radical change. It won't happen overnight but it starts when Mexican politicians realize that their solution is job creation rather more "remesas".

Strange, how the closer people’s exposure is to Mexico the less they like it.

Unabashedly Unhyphenated has equally forceful comments:

…Lastly, and this is where I differ from many who have a hard time with the (fallacious) idea that we would have to "deport them all," I do blame every illegal alien for coming here, I blame them for staying here, I blame them for working here, and I blame them for sending money "home." If they did not know what they were doing was wrong, I might (a big might) feel a bit differently. But the illegals know what they are doing is wrong or they would not fear being caught…

I have yet to hear any rational explanation why those whose first act, and continuous act, is the intentional disregard for our rule of law should be allowed any pathway to citizenship. In fact, the best way to teach their anchor babies about American ideals is to deport them along with their lawbreaking parents; the citizen anchors can come back if they choose after reaching adulthood. …If both American parents of an American child go to prison for breaking the law, the child surely suffers his parents' consequences, and learns lessons in the process. Sending the anchor child back to the parents' home countries is actually more compassionate than the consequences brought upon children whose American parents are lawbreakers…Having a couple hundred-thousand American citizens sent home with their illegal alien parents might just teach Mexico a thing or two

As has said many times before, this Birthright Citizenship absurdity has to be stopped if America is to remain American. In the meantime Unabashedly Unhyphenated has an idea worth thinking about.

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