Mexico's Show Of Force
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I believe that "Show Of Force" was the title on this LA Times photo gallery earlier today. I meant to blog on this unusual way of describing the Mexican marchers, but they seem to have changed it to "Images Of Protest."

However, a lot of people in the media are using this phrase, and it should worry you. "Show Of Force" is the phrase you use when you send a fleet around the world to remind potential enemies that you have a fleet, and they should behave. It goes with "big stick" diplomacy.

It should worry you that Mexico is deploying a "show of force" in American cities, and it should also worry you that the American media doesn't think anything of it.

Update: a reader reports that before the May 1 protests, he saw President Fox in the media, addressing

his people in the United States. I don't recall what the exact statement was but later when I thought about it, it seemed almost like a commander telling his troops to persevere or to do well.

It was encouragement from the homelands leader. It seemed like something a commander would put out to an invading force.

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