Mexico: Do We want to Import This? (2)
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Peter Brimelow has a low opinion of the Teacher's Union but I doubt that even he envisaged a Budapest-type situation, with militant teachers fighting the authorities for symbolic control of a city. Yet according the Mark in Mexico blog, this is exactly what just happened in Oaxaca, Mexico. (NB updates (1) and (2))

Mark in Mexico observes

I think that Mexico, after all of the decades of suppression, dictators, corruption, murder, theft, failed revolutions, failed reform governments and , generally, all-around failure, is on the brink of explosion…this bloody confrontation which, as you can see, is far from over.”
( emphasis)

This is a comment which needs to be considered seriously, coming from the writer of the best essay on Mexico I have ever seen.

One might ask why a Google news search on Oaxaca indicates (at this time) that the story has been ignored by the US MSM - only alternative media have it.

With this going on next door, an effective border fence is imperative.

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