Mexicans On Central American Illegals In Mexico:"They Have Invaded Neighborhoods. They Steal, They Kidnap, They Rape."
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"Drifters" — that's a new item for the euphemism file, and from the PC LA Times, of all sources.

Plus there is a dose of unintended hilarity of the role reversal sort, where Mexicans are the townspeople calling for troublesome foreigners to be repatriated.

Mexico town split over Central American drifters

By Tracy Wilkinson

October 15, 2009

Migrants fall prey to kidnappers and worse while the Mexican government does little to protect them, rights groups say. But others say the migrants are forming criminal bands and should be deported.

Gathered below an overpass on Independence Avenue, dressed in the multiple layers typical of homeless travelers, the migrants watched for the next northbound freight train through Tultitlan.

Many of them, mostly young men and boys, prepared to hop aboard, hobo-style, on an ever-more-precarious trip that might get them as far as the United States.

But fewer migrants are achieving that goal. Central Americans who for years have passed through Mexico en route to the U.S. are increasingly cutting their trips short as they run out of cash or become discouraged by fewer opportunities farther away from home. [...]

A new city administration that took office in August, however, feels differently. Mayor Marco Calzada said he wants the federal government to deport the migrants. When they were just passing through, it was a manageable problem, he said, but now large numbers are staying and forming criminal bands.

Officials say the Tultitlan municipality, with a population of more than 432,000, sees hundreds of immigrants arriving each week.

"The numbers are over the top," Calzada said. "They have invaded neighborhoods. They steal, they kidnap, they rape."

When large numbers of illegal aliens congregate, they tend to form criminal gangs—what a concept! I'm trying to wrap my mind around it.

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