Mexicans Line Up at the Citizenship Office
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The number of people pursuing naturalization is above recent averages, and designated experts say the reason is "anti-immigration" sentiment abroad in the land. In fact, applications are on track to reach one million this year.

"The anti-immigrant sentiment is bordering on the xenophobic, and people are taking notice of that," said Evan Bacalao of the National Assn. of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Educational Fund in Los Angeles. "So even though the fees have increased, people still want to make sure their voices are heard."

To help boost the number of new citizens even more, an alliance of hundreds of organizations last week launched a "100 Days" national campaign to urge immigrants to apply for citizenship in time for the 2008 election. [Citizenship applications climb despite fee hike, LA Times 11/4/07]

In other words, they openly admit they don't want citizenship because they love America, but because they hate our people and traditions and want to transform it via demographic warfare into Mexico North. They only care about the money and political power.

Meanwhile, a Hispanic non-profit is making the process easier by offering a big chunk of the $675 fee: New loans offered for citizenship applications [Orange County Register 11/1/07].

A nonprofit will offer up to $400 in no-interest loans to help immigrants apply to become U.S. citizens.

Will immigrants be required to pay back the loan, or will such capitalist notions be overlooked? Inquiring minds want to know.

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