Mexican UN Official Calls for Republican Defeat
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Jorge Bustamante, a Mexican who somehow became the United Nations' "Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants" has openly called for a Republican defeat in the 2008 election .

Here's the entire blog entry from Jeremy Schwartz's "Uncovering Mexico" blog :

Mexico’s foremost expert on immigration is calling on Mexicans to do whatever they can to stop Republicans from winning the White House next year, including a boycott of companies that donate to Republican candidates.

Jorge Bustamante,[Email] the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants and a sociology professor at the University of Notre Dame, [ Note: The one in South Bend, Indiana.]this week called Republican Party policies on immigration ”immoral.” Writing in the Mexico City daily Reforma, Bustamante said the Republican candidates share in a immigration stance that ”lacks even the most minimum recognition of the demand for the Mexican migrant labor.”

He called on Mexicans to harness ”the real power we have as consumers” to boycott big companies that do business in Mexico and fund Republican candidacies. Bustamante didn’t name any particular companies, but said ”that is public information available to anyone with basic understanding of how to navigate the Internet.”

Somebody ought to ask the Republican candidates what they think of this.
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