Mexican Teenager With TB Refuses Treatment
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Francisco Santos is a Mexican teenager living in Duluth, Georgia who has tuberculosis and won't take his medicine. So far he's only given it to four people that we know of, and the cruel Yankee authorities have put him in jail. Where is the ACLU when you need them? They say his status as a minor will complicate a deportation process that can take months, anyhow, but actually, by the time he gets through all the appeals, he'll be 18 anyway.

My Way News - Teen Jailed Over TB to Face Deportation

Aug 30, 7:43 AM (ET)

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. (AP) - Officials started taking steps to deport a Mexican teenager who was jailed after refusing treatment for tuberculosis.

Francisco Santos, 17, has acknowledged to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents that he is in the country illegally, Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway said Wednesday.

County health officials jailed Santos last week after he refused treatment for an active, contagious case of tuberculosis and threatened to travel to Mexico, a move that could expose more people to the potentially fatal disease. Santos, who lives in Duluth, has since started taking medicine, but he will remain jailed at least until a Sept. 5 hearing.

Conway said Santos' condition and age could further complicate a deportation process that can take months. Because he is a minor, officials would have to make sure he has family in Mexico or that the Mexican government would take a role.

Four people who had been living with Santos have also tested positive for tuberculosis, health officials said Wednesday.[More]

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