Mexican "Diplomats" And Their Mexican-American Collaborators As Enemies Of America's Future
Print Friendly and PDF's Brenda Walker has a current blog entry recounting the routinely noxious behavior of Mexican-government personages when the subject involves Mexico's citizens dwelling illegally in the United States.  (The Manhattan Institute's Heather Mac Donald wrote at length about this behavior at City Journal in 2005 in her aptly titled Mexico's Undiplomatic Diplomats.)

Besides recalling statements and doings by genuine Mexicans, Brenda blends in comments from prominent Mexican-Americans such as Mario Obledo:

Mexican American Legal Defense Fund founder Mario Obledo stated in 1998, “California is going to be a Hispanic state. Anyone who doesn’t like it should leave. Every constitutional office in California is going to be held by Hispanics in the next 20 years.” People who don’t like such demographic changes “should go back to Europe.” (Incidentally, Mr. Obledo was also the California Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare under Gov. Jerry Brown during his first reign.)

(I'll add another "incidental" to Brenda's: Obledo was awarded the National Medal of Freedom, also in 1998, by President Bill Clinton.)

But would you like to actually hear Obledo's "go back to Europe" riff during a radio interview?


That is  sound clip #5 (67 seconds long) at the Wayback Machine Internet Archive page of  The Takeover of America. [ California Coalition for Immigration Reform, February, 2004]

Once you're at that archive page, there's plenty of other, similar "entertainment" to be experienced—if not exactly enjoyed.  And if you want the story behind the sound clips, including an introduction to their "narrator" Evelyn Miller, see my article CCIR's Greatest Hits: The Reconquista Rant Audio Clips, from early in 2009.  (Of course some of the links in that semi-antique article are broken, but plenty of them aren't, and the history of the audio clips is intact.)

Speaking of infamous statements by prominent Hispanics, here's one Brenda may have forgotten, despite living in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Ten years ago, Gerardo Sandoval (right) a member of the San Francisco County Board of Supervisors, had an opinion piece in the San Francisco Chronicle [Democrats must push immigration reform, November 17, 2006] in which he stated:

Democrats need to be clear that the $6 billion border fence now under construction is not just a wasteful boondoggle, but an affront to all Latinos.

Got that?  Suppose you're a Latino whose family assimilated in the U.S. generations ago, perhaps having been among those offered U.S. citizenship when the U.S. won much of the southwest from Mexico.  Nevertheless, Sandoval thinks that you should be offended at any attempt to stop today's illegal influx across the southwest border.

(Had Sandoval invented a new grievance category, being ethnically offended, with his article?  Nah, it turns out that this particular advancement-in-grievance goes back at least to 1997.)

And it's not just Nth-generation Hispanics who—we can safely assume—disagree with "leaders" such as Sandoval.  Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jerry Kammer, now a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, wrote several months ago [A Look at the Washington Post's 'Taco Truck' Snark Fest, September 8, 2016] about pertinent views among some recent (legal) immigrants from Mexico.  He also quoted a friend, a Mexican-American woman named Tricia Ortiz:

She told me that most of the Mexican-American families who had lived on her mother's West Phoenix Street moved out after immigrant families moved into rental homes there. "My mom's neighborhood was taken over big time,' she said. "The yards were a mess and the Mexicans would have their parties in the front yard and they were drinking and playing their music real loud."
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