Mexican Congressman Grandstands On Wall—Razor Wire Needed!
March 03, 2017, 05:00 PM
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A Mexican Congressman climbed a 30 foot fence and claims Trump's wall is "totally absurd."

Mexican congressman climbs U.S. border fence to illustrate that Trump's wall is 'totally absurd', By David Caplan, ABC, March 3, 2017

This is because the wimps responsible for this fence wanted to make it attractive and avoid the negative connotations of razor wire. This "kinder and gentler" fence IS absurd—an example of image taking precedent over effectiveness. But design one without the tubes which are easy to climb and decorate it with massive coils of razor wire and this Mexican would have been stuck hanging like a piñata.

It is essential that the wall be designed right. Given appointments like John Kelly who doesn't want to scare Mexicans, I am concerned that we will end up with a useless barrier instead of an effective one. The Israeli barriers (right) and the razor-wire-topped fence in San Diego show that when a barrier is designed to stop climbers, it indeed works. But the one shown in this article is merely a ruse to fool voters and consume tax dollars without stopping Mexicans or their drugs.