Mexican-American Eric Garcetti Leads L.A. Mayor Vote
March 16, 2013, 04:24 PM
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Mexican-American Eric Garcetti Leads L.A. Mayor Vote

Barely anybody showed up to vote in the first round of the Los Angeles mayor's race last week, but the leader was men's clothier heir Eric Garcetti, the least casually dressed Southern Californian since George S. Patton. (The candidate is the son of the D.A. who botched the O.J. prosecution, Gil Garcetti. Eric's education: UCLA Lab School, Harvard-Westlake, Columbia U., Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, and London School of Economics). For complicated dynastic reasons that I can't quite keep straight in my head, the aristocratic Garcetti insists that he is the Mexican candidate in the race. 

Lately, it seems like the best career gimmick is to be a white guy with some sort of claim on being Hispanic. (Okay, the best of all is to be a super-WASPy black like the President, but that seems rarer to pull off.) In 2013, you don't even have to be Spanish-surnamed. An Italian one like Garcetti or Bergoglio will do just fine.