#MeToo Finally Coming for a Good Guy—Black Harvard Economist Roland G. Fryer
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Most of the guys who have been #MeTooed so far haven’t been much of a loss. But here are some interesting observations from an email about superstar Harvard economist Roland Fryer, today being #MeTooed for (as far as I can tell at present) not much:

What was most interesting to me was that Fryer seemed to embody Nassim Taleb’s observation about weight lifting and conservative beliefs and behavior: he had been working out with Harvard’s football team, doing heavy lifts and sprint work every day. He looked completely different from the doughy pictures of him you see online.

He is, as the kids say, red-pilled about a lot of things, and yet, despite the drumbeat of depressing research findings, he remained idealistically committed to solving intractable problems.

There were a lot of women working for him, mostly grad students.

He had a very male sense of humor, one that I’m sure would grate on Harvard nerds. He loved quoting Dave Chapelle, usually when discussing the behavior of underclass blacks. He was blunt. Honest. And liked to make jokes. He would have fit in a sitcom writer’s room, but instead he was trying to do something noble, and found himself surrounded by uptight schoolmarms. He talked about how he didn’t like the pretentious and humorless faculty there.

I just don’t think he realized how much campus culture has changed over the past decade. Poor guy just bought a Porsche too.

Well, not that poor …

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