Merry Christmas—Make American Buildings Beautiful Again!
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With Donald Trump issuing his executive order calling for future federal buildings to be “beautiful,” I extended my Twitter thread contrasting comparable buildings from before and after WWII, such as upscale municipalities’ city halls, other government buildings, public libraries and the like. The order is pretty rambling, but people seemed to like it.

One reason for the dichotomy is that Beverly Hills in 1932 saw a spectacular city hall as good advertising for attracting newcomers to Beverly Hills to buy up its empty lots. In contrast, modern Malibu doesn’t want more residents. Its civic motto is “Get out of Malibu, Lebowski!”

And win.

Not surprisingly, construction began a month before the stock market crash of October 1929.

That’s just a joke. Mayne is a leftist. He doesn’t hate bureaucrats in particular, he hates everybody.

“You people, you like domes, right? Okay, okay, we’ll build you a dome out in the front of city hall for your tacky weddings and proms. But we’re not going to taint the architectural integrity of the actual San Jose city hall by including a dome in the main building.”

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