Memo to KC STAR's Mary Sanchez: Democrats` "Unity" is "Against Whites"
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The Kansas City Star's Mary Sanchez (email her) lays out some indisputable demographics: America is becoming minority-white, Democrats are more non-white, and the mostly-white Republicans are a party of the past.

A memo to Republicans: Demography is destiny, September 10, 2012

OK, maybe. The problem is that the wonderful "diversity" of the Democrats is largely built around its opposition to whites and policies that favor them.

That isn't quite the "justice for all" she ends her column with: it's just a power shift from one race to a collection of others. Which will then turn into a struggle to be top dog within the Democrats.

Sanchez also makes the mistake of assuming—like many Republicans—that the policy direction of either party doesn't correlate with race. It does.

I don't mean to be partisan here, but it's safe to say that generally, Republicans do tilt toward white concerns. They're more likely to oppose immigration, affirmative action, and welfare. Democrats are more likely to favor those things. And, not surprisingly, Republicans are mostly white, and Democrats less so.

So any Republican effort to "reach out" to blacks and Hispanics is going to either 1) fail, because the policies won't change (and why should they?), or 2) "succeed" by becoming more minority-friendly. In which case Democrats defeat Republicans by turning them into Democrats.

One scenario guaranteed not to happen: Republicans persuade masses of non-whites that really, conservative policies are best for them, because they're just being kept "on the plantation" with welfare and affirmative action. It's depressing to see how many Republicans actually think they can make this case.

So really, Mary Sanchez isn't memo'ing the Republicans to be helpful. She's just gloating. But it's reassuring that a lefty Hispanic commentator is just as clueless as Newt Gingrich when it comes to demography and destiny.

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