Memo to Greener: Whites matter!
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Last Tuesday, well known for its deep concern for the interests and well-being of the Republicans, provided space for My GOP: Too old, too white to win By Bill Greener. The article was engagingly sub-titled A Republican looks at the numbers and sees disaster ahead, unless his party figures out how to be less — Caucasian

Greener is one of the founding partners of Greener and Hook, an Arlington Virginia public relations firm which has worked for various Republican bureaucracies in DC from time to time. Its actual election management experience appears negligible. Greener’s last appearance in Salon was to argue a week before the election that

John McCain really does have a decent shot at winning

This article is distinguished from all the others recommending the Republicans spurn their base and waste their time begging for support from various minorities only because Greener acknowledges a crucial fact: that, weakly though he campaigned, McCain would be President based on last year’s vote split if the country was composed as it was in 1976. This was first identified by Peter Brimelow and Ed Rubenstein on a few days after the election.

Most of the Republican suicide advocates prefer to avoid this fact, because it leads immediately to Brimelow’s recommendation:

Moral for the GOP: Stop. Immigration. Now. Deport. Illegals. Now. Reform the Citizen Child Clause. Now.

For the rest, though, Greener’s article is the usual rehash, incorporating of course the offended Californian Hispanics fallacy and completely ignoring the central electoral fact, repeated by James Fulford on Monday: Told You So Department: Whites Stayed Home In 2008 Election.

The basic concept is that which I have noted from the Wall Street Journal: somehow, Whites don't count

Why do leftist MSM organs love to run these stories? Perhaps they hope to persuade gullible GOPers that the thesis it true. Perhaps they want to believe it themselves. But a purpose is served: no one who peruses the comment thread (344 long as I write) and sees the blazing hatred of white men which dominates can doubt the fact: American elections are going to be increasingly expressions of ethnic animosity.

Thanks, Ted Kennedy.

That is why, observing the abrasive ignorance and hostility exuded by the Obama White House, I myself am increasingly confident that 1994 is coming back, and the Democrats will be lucky to hold the House in 2010.

Let us hope the Republicans have acquired better leaders by the time Fortune’s wheel turns.

Because the last lot were no good. As Pat Buchanan put it in one of his best ever columns in May:

Why is the party in trouble? Simple. Dubya got a hold of the keys, got high on neocon hooch, and crashed and rolled the family SUV.

(A Cause Whose Time Has Come: GOP Must Become The Party Of Frank Ricci May 7 2009)

Suggest to Greener and Hook that white Americans matter

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