Mel Martinez Says Republicans Didn't Hispander Enough
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Mel Martinez feels that "anti-Hispanic rhetoric" which in this case means any attempt to enforce the immigration laws, was what lost the Republicans the recent election.

Cuban American Senator Slams Anti-Immigration Rhetoric In Republican Party

 Senator Mel Martinez

CaribWorldNews, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. Nov. 10, 2008: Cuban American Senator, Mel Martinez, feels the strong anti-immigration rhetoric spewed by some members within the Republican Party contributed to their massive loss last week.

Martinez, appearing on Meet the Press on Sunday, said if those Republican members, meaning largely far right ultra conservatives, ' continue with that kind of rhetoric, anti-Hispanic rhetoric, that so much of it was heard, we're going to be relegated to minority status.'[More]

He meant that Republicans are going to be relegated to minority status. The problem is that if we continue along the Open Borders path he prefers, then Americans are going to be relegated to minority status.


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