Medical Marijuana Smokers Unsurprisingly Unclear On Concept
December 03, 2012, 03:06 AM
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From the Los Angeles Daily News:
Survey: One in 7 of state`s nighttime drivers under the influence of drugs 

By Susan Abram, Staff Writer

Sometimes, they come through DUI checkpoints smoking a joint. 

"They`ll say, I`ve got a medical card," said Los Angeles County Sheriff`s deputy Sgt. Philip Brooks, of the drivers who get stopped. 

"And we`ll say, that doesn`t matter. Smoke that at home and don`t drive." 

While they don`t all come through checkpoints smoking marijuana, an increased number of motorists are getting caught driving drugged. It`s happening at DUI checkpoints on curved roads through Malibu`s canyons and it`s happening across the state. 

"Half of those caught are impaired due to drugs," said Brooks of the Malibu/Lost Hills Station. 

"It`s hard to say, but the biggest problem right now is medical marijuana," he added. "People seem to think it`s a legal substance."

A teacher in the Inland Empire emailed me that quite a few of his failing students tell him that smoking dope is good for them, because: "It`s medicine."

In general, sophisticated libertarian concepts (such as, oh, "Just because the government legalizes it doesn`t mean you should do it") don`t work that well for minors with 2 digit IQs and heads full of THC.