Medical Examiner Rao Trying To Railroad Zimmerman By Testifying That His Injuries Were Minor, As If Head Injuries Weren't Lethally Dangerous
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On Tuesday, prosecution witness Valerie Rao, the Jacksonville medical examiner, asserted incredibly that Zimmerman’s wounds were “very insignificant,” “so minor,” and maintained that his head hit the pavement only once. (Lots of people have died from hitting their heads once on pavement.) However, Dr. Rao’s claims were completely at variance with the photographs of George Zimmerman’s wounds at the scene. And Dr. Rao’s years-long, documented history of unprofessionalism, makes her a huge liability for the prosecution. [More complaints on Medical Examiner Valerie Rao; Rao's term ended 2012; still running Jacksonville ME office, WKMG/Click Orlando Local 6, July 2 2013]

However, forensic expert Larry Kobilinsky, who was invited on by HLN host Jane Velez-Mitchell tonight, hardly a Zimmerman fan, noted that Rao’s experience is with examining corpses, and is unlikely to have examined Zimmerman. Besides which, under Florida law, one doesn’t have to suffer life-threatening injuries before defending oneself with deadly force; one merely has to believe that one is in danger of suffering such injuries.[Zimmerman Update — How Much Injury Is Required Before Self-Defense is Justified?,Posted by Legal Insurrection, June 30, 2013 ]

On cross, the defense elicited from Rao that she owes her job to Special Prosecutor Angela Corley, who was tasked with railroading George Zimmerman in the first place.

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