Media Minimize Mexican Massacre
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The American mainstream media rarely criticizes Mexico.

But the BBC News, not so bound by political correctness, has written extensively about Mexican drug trafficking dating back to June 2000 when its feature “Mexico’s Most Feared Family” appeared.

The latest installment is its January 22nd story “Mexico Jails Placed on High Alert,” which that tells the story of increasing violence between federal authorities and rival drug gangs,

According to BBC correspondent Claire Marshall, in the most recent outburst six prison workers in Mexico’s Matamoros penitentiary were shot gangland style after finishing their shifts.

President Vicente Fox pledged to wage “the mother of all battles” against the drug lords responsible for the executions.

According to Google, this story has barely made it into the U.S. national news.

Fox obviously has his hands full in Mexico. He should spend more time on domestic policy and forget about invading America.

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