Media Matters Has A Chip On Their Shoulder
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Apparently the the common phrase "A chip on her shoulder," referring to Michelle Obama's speech, (you know, the one where she said "For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country,") is evidence of some kind of conspiracy, in the fevered brains of David Brock's employees, at George Soros's Media Matters:

Media Matters - Tucker Carlson echoed Kaus, VDARE contributor on Michelle Obama: "I think she's got a chip on her shoulder"
Summary: Discussing recent comments by Michelle Obama, Tucker Carlson said: "I have thought from Day One that Michelle Obama, impressive as she is, clearly intelligent, very handsome, self-possessed — I think that she's got a chip on her shoulder." Similarly, blogger Mickey Kaus wrote of Michelle Obama: "For whatever reason, she sure seems to have a non-trivial chip on her shoulder and it's not a winning quality." Additionally, referring to a February 16 Newsweek profile, contributor Steve Sailer wrote that Michelle Obama "sounds like she's got a log-sized chip on her shoulder from lucking into Princeton due to affirmative action."

After this they list everything Steve Sailer said that they don't like, in what I guess is an attempt o hang it on Tucker Carlson.Well, Google shows 746,000 uses of this common phrase, using a wildcard search that will allow for "a chip on his/her/it's/their" shoulder, which dates back to 1830, and only half of them refer to Michelle Obama. (I'm kidding about the half.)

But really, maybe Tucker, Mickey, and Steve all said the same thing because Michelle Obama gave them all the same impression.

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