McCain voters flooding into Arizona
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H/T Diggers Realm, for alerting me that the extraordinary Border Invasion Pics website has served up a banquet. (It was Diggers Realm from whom I first learned of this astonishing collection of film clips catching illegals in the act of crossing the border.)

Diggers Realm says:

In the video below you will see 700 illegal aliens cross our border along this one path in just one month from February 2010 - March 2010. This is just one path of thousands. Nobody knows who these people are, their criminal pasts, nor their intentions once they get here…After you watch the video I ask that you send this to every one you know...

The clip in question is here.

I gather many of the hidden cameras set up by Border Invasion Pics are in Arizona. More voters for John McCain, and almost as bad, Gabrielle Giffords, whose 8th District has almost a third of the state’s Mexican border.

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