McCain's Strategy Against Obama
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John Dickerson in Slate sums up what the GOP strategy will be against Obama:

"The GOP's attack will boil down to the accusation that Obama is a big phony."

I presume I was the first person to point out in detail that Obama's campaign themes, which are based on common assumptions about the political implications of his life story, are contradicted by his actual life story. And two months ago I explained how McCain could use this.

So, does that make it my fault if McCain gets elected and blows up the world?


But, it's not as if nobody in the GOP would have noticed if I hadn't been hollering about it for so long. I just hastened the process.

It's actually to Obama's advantage that the GOP has figured out their strategy so early. It gives him seven months to figure out a counter-strategy, such as, to pick an unlikely example, to stop being a big phony.
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