McCain Makeover: The Voter-Amnesia Campaign
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The wonders of a primary election! As a result of a credible challenge by JD Hayworth (now within five points), the former maverick is now listening to the voice of the people, and they want border anarchy to end. So he has conveniently turned over a new leaf.

Indeed, Senator John McCain now accurately discusses in detail the border issues that affect his state: crime is up, the Mexican cartels are doing as they please and the good citizens are endangered by violent rampant lawlessness flowing north from Mexico. Who knew he knew?

His April 22 sit-down with Greta van Sustern included a fact about border porosity that was new to me; e.g. that cartels now use ultralites to deliver their drug loads, plunking them down in the U.S. for easy pick-up.

What’s refreshingly, hypocritically new is McCain’s sudden conversion to border security. He told Greta that ”Our border is completely out of control” (4:59), and described cartel smuggling as ”organized crime at its worst” (6:00). The Senator rattled off an array of illegal alien statistics to illustrate his cred. The revised narrative is that criminality in south Arizona is now far worse than when Presidential candidate McCain was the Pied Piper of alien amnesty, leading a diverse throng toward the destruction of American sovereignty. That’s his excuse, and he’s sticking to it.

The whole thing is like a visit to a parallel reverse universe – but in a good way, sort of. The redesigned McCain is at once hilarious and disturbing. Only a fool would think that his campaign persona would survive as improved voting if he is reelected, but the tapdance is quite a spin.

See Johnny act!

For more about the Senator’s flip-flop, see Michelle Malkin’s reflections on John McCain Past: John S. McCain, Will You Please Go Now?, filled with numerous examples like the following:

When McCain’s friend GOP Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma put forth an amendment to ”require the enforcement of existing border security and immigration laws and congressional approval before amnesty can be granted,” McCain refused to take a position and sat out the vote. The amendment failed 42-54.
What a difference a decent challenging candidate makes.
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