McAllen, TX: We Actually Know Something About Effects of Latino Immigration
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We’re often prodded to assume that the Latin American influx is an exciting social experiment with who knows what spicy, perhaps magical, outcomes in store for us.

From the Washington Post:

‘An all-American city that speaks Spanish’: Immigration isn’t a problem for this Texas town — it’s a way of life

By Kevin Sullivan
July 4

MCALLEN, Tex. — Maria’s Restaurant offers Pollo en Mole for $8.25 and patriotic red, white and blue peanut M&Ms for a quarter in a gumball machine near the front door.

The menu in this family restaurant, about seven miles from the U.S.-Mexico border, is a reflection of the blended community it has served for 41 years. But now this town built on immigration has become ground zero for the nation’s nastiest political battle in the angry summer of 2018.

“This is a border culture, so these people are not monsters to us,” said Carolina Garza, 31, a third-generation Mexican-American whose family runs Maria’s.[More]

 But, in reality, we actually have long-existing examples of our upcoming Brave New America. It’s just that nobody pays attention to them because they are boring and depressing.

Vibrantly multicultural McAllen, Texas is:

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