Maywood, CA, Sinks Under The Weight Of Illegal Aliens
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In 2006, we published an article on Maywood, California, a town that had just decided that it was "sanctuary city.":Report From Occupied America: Maywood, CA—”Small Town USA To Illegal Sanctuary City…In Just Three Decades!x, By Bryanna Bevens, February 09, 2006.

Here are some Census Facts from that article:

  • In 1970, a majority of the Maywood population was White, with some Blacks and Asians
  • In 1970, the total foreign-born population was only 14.4%
  • In 1980, the Hispanic population in Maywood was more than 80%. By 1980, nearly half (49.3 percent) were foreign-born
  • In 1980, there were slightly more than 3,700 White people living in Maywood
  • in 2000, there were about 700 whites in Maywood
  • In 2000, Maywood was 97% Hispanic. More than 55% of its residents are foreign-born.
Only four years later, here's the latest, from American Power's blog

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Maywood, CA. —96 Percent Hispanic Sanctuary City— Disbands Police, Fires All Employees to Avoid Financial Collapse

At LAT, "Maywood to hire others to run the city." The city's 96.4 percent Hispanic with almost half the population illegal aliens:
Maywood's $10.1-million general fund budget has a deficit of at least $450,000, officials said. Beyond that, the city has been unable to obtain insurance because of a history of lawsuits, many involving its Police Department, which also patrols Cudahy. Operating without insurance would make even routine government services highly risky.

"We're limited on our choices and limited on what we can do," Councilman Felipe Aguirre said. "We don't want to file for bankruptcy. We don't want to disappear as a city."

Aguirre said filing for bankruptcy was not an option for Maywood because its problems were related specifically to insurance coverage and not cash flow.[]

And there's a video:

Now do see what the inhabitants of Farmer's Branch, Texas, Hazleton, Pennsylvania, and the other towns that are resisting the illegal invasion are worrying about?

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