Maybe Just Two Cheers For Wyoming’s Enzi—Which May Be Enough
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Maybe Just Two Cheers For Wyoming’s Enzi—Which May Be EnoughThinking about the Enzi-Cheney primary in Wyoming: Senator Mike Enzi is not an enemy of patriotic immigration reform, but he is hardly a champion.  His recent A+ is based solely on votes against cloture and final passage of the Gang of Eight immigration bill.  I’m glad he did this, but it does not make him a hero.

Anyone who voted against the cloture and final passage of the bill and did not vote for any bad amendments or sponsor any other bad legislation will get an A+ from Numbers USA.  Prior to Enzi’s votes against this latest amnesty, he had a B-.

Enzi is not bad on immigration, and has consistently voted against every single amnesty that came to the Senate in the last decade.  However, he has never done anything proactive.  In fact the only bills on immigration he has co-sponsored were to increase  H-2B visas and AgJOBS. He’s better than your average Senate Republican, but he has not showed any leadership on this issue. 

I would reserve the term “immigration patriot” for people like Jeff Sessions and David Vitter who consistently have stood up against amnesty and mass immigration.  

Cheney has not said anything on the immigration yet, but I’m sure when she’s pressed she will come out against the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill.   Yes, she will likely only say these things because of the Republican primary, but the same can be said of Enzi.

All this being said, I would prefer a reliable vote against Amnesty to an unknown quantity like Cheney. 

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