Matter Out Of Place
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I just had to look something up on the Rasmussen Reports website, and I noticed for the first time that they run political commentary, with a noticeable bias to the left.

This, for example, from liberal Providence Journal commentator Froma Harrop.  Headline: Bad Immigration Ideas From All Directions.

The piece isn't as bad as some.  Ms. Harrop actually starts of with a swing at the California TRUST Act, which, as she points out, would require local law enforcement to defy federal law.

A paragraph or two later, though, and we're squelching around in the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" swamp.

In Tampa, Fla., meanwhile, the Republican National Convention has produced a party platform with far less "give" for illegal immigrants. It calls for no future amnesty and supports "humane procedures to encourage illegal aliens to return home voluntarily" ? a polite way of saying "self-deportation."

[Eek! So I guess "self-deportation" is a phrase that cannot be said politely.  Why not?  Deportation is a lawful procedure.  If you do it yourself, you're sparing the public fisc the cost of that lawful procedure.  What's not to like?  Where is the impoliteness? ? JD]

Two different approaches, each unwise in its own way.

Absent comprehensive reform, the Obama administration has done a heroic job enforcing the country's immigration laws as fairly as possible . . .

Fair comment, if misguided; but why is Rasmussen running political commentary at all?  It's a polling organization, that ought to be scrupulous about keeping its distance from political controversies.


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