Matt Romney in the Territories
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"Romney Trolls for Votes in the Pacific" was the title of a link I spied. My first impression was it was talking about the Pacific Northwest, but then, it said "in the Pacific". Then I thought it might refer to Hawaii. But no, after clicking the link, I found that Romney was trolling for votes way over in our territories in the Western Pacific, nearer to Asia than the North American mainland.

If you still wondered whether every delegate counts in this year’s GOP chase for the nomination, look no further than the Northern Marianas Islands, where it is already Saturday and voting in the islands caucuses are already under way.

Leaving no stone unturned, the Romney campaign sent Mitt Romney’s son Matt Romney to the islands to plumb for votes. He met with the territory’s governor, Benigno Fitial, who has endorsed Mr. Romney. The Saipan Tribune said it was the first-ever visit by a the family of a presidential candidate during a campaign....

Matt Romney also visited Guam, which is holding its caucuses now as well. And there, too, Mitt Romney has earned the backing of the local governor. Guam also has nine delegates, making the two combined a richer haul than New Hampshire.

Romney Trolls for Votes in the Pacific
Neil King, Jr., Wall Street Journal, March 9th, 2012


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