Mass Shooting At Korean Retreat Center—MSM Won't Say Who Did It
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The most recent shooting suspected to be in the Immigrant Mass Murder category (four shot, only one dead) took place at a retreat in California occupied by Korean nuns and priests. (The Kkottongnae Brothers and Sisters of Jesus.)The investigation is hampered by the fact that almost no one on the scene speaks English. The most recent story is that the shooter may be one of the four wounded or may be the one person who died.
Nearly 12 hours after a shooting killed one person and wounded at least three near Temecula, Riverside County sheriff's officials said they could provide no details about the violence, except to say that the shooter is among the dead and wounded.

"They haven't identified the shooter yet. It's either one of the injured or the deceased," department spokeswoman Deputy Herlinda Valenzuela said shortly before 7 a.m.

An earlier story is below. I'm going to assume that in this monocultural setting, the shooter is of the same race, religion, and nationality as the victims, I. E. a Korean Christian. That's based on the belief that we would have already received a fundraising letter on the subject from the SPLC if it was a white guy. Here's what John Derbyshire said at the time of the arrests of the Beltway Snipers:
The great American public is not, of course, as incorrigibly ”racist” as our elites think. Nor are they as stupid. Do the media lefties really think people don’t see through their games? I was working in Manhattan back in December of 1993, when Colin Ferguson, the Long Island Railroad killer, did his work. My home-bound commuter train was the one behind his. Of course, we were stuck between stations for nearly two hours. This was pre-cellphone, and I had no way to contact my wife, who was watching the coverage of the story on TV, and was, naturally, worried sick. Neighbors came in to rally round and watch the TV coverage with her. Telling me about it afterwards, she remarked: ”Everyone kept saying: ”Oh, it must be a black guy. If it was a white guy, they would have told us.’”
Here's the story:
4 shot, 1 dead at Korean retreat center in Calif.

By GILLIAN FLACCUS — 4 hours ago

TEMECULA, Calif. (AP) – A gunman opened fire at a remote Korean Christian retreat center Tuesday night, leaving one person dead and at least three people injured, authorities said.

Authorities were first called to the rural area about 7 p.m. after receiving reports about a man shooting his wife, California Highway Patrol spokesman Mario Lopez said.

But investigators were still trying to learn the circumstances of the shootings, and were hindered by a language barrier in trying to sort out the facts, Riverside County Sheriff's spokesman Dennis Gutierrez said.

"We have some nuns that are very distraught," he said.

The name and age of the suspected shooter was not released and the identity of the dead victim were being withheld until relatives were notified.

At least two of the victims were critically injured. The gunman was also believed to be among the wounded at the Kkottongnae Retreat Camp, located in Temecula about 85 miles southeast of Los Angeles.

A nursing supervisor at the Inland Valley Regional Medical Center near the retreat said she had no information on any of the victims.

Officers began interviewing people at what appeared to be a triage center for injured victims, Gutierrez said, but most of them spoke Korean.

"That language barrier, that's the key to figuring out what happened," Gutierrez said.

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