Mass Immigration Creating "Staggering Inequality" Among Black Americans
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See, earlier: America's Assisted Suicide, by Peter Brimelow, November 25, 1996

Breitbart has an item that will be old news to readers, since Peter Brimelow has been writing it up since the 90s: Black Caucus Director: Mass Immigration Spurring ‘Staggering Inequality’ Among Black Americans, John Binder, January 17, 2022.

That should be “Former Black Caucus Director,” of course. Black immigration restrictionist Frank Morris  was  director of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation in the1980s.

Back in my college days when blacks and Democrats were allowed to be against open borders, there was a theory that each time the labor pool contracted and black employees looked to be getting a wage increase, then another flood of immigrants would be allowed into the United States to keep the black man down. It was an interesting theory and sort of contradicted the Ellis Island idea that immigrants were coming to the United States with noble intent. 

Instead, this theory posited that it was to keep poor Southern blacks from migrating up north to take jobs in the early 20th century. Black Congresswoman Barbara Jordan pointed out how increased immigration harmed blacks. Perhaps it is precisely because the black population votes overwhelmingly Democratic no matter what the Democrats actually do that the Democratic leadership felt comfortable in reversing their policy of limited immigration. 

Bill Clinton did some terrible things in immigration, like granting Temporary Protected Status to Nicaraguan and Hondurans towards the end of his presidency. However, Clinton's Attorney General Janet Reno at least seemed to be in favor of immigration enforcement. 

That was before the Democrats, with their anti-white coalition, now work to have an open border that will ensure the demise of the Republican party.


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