Mass Hysteria In Media Coverage Of Arizona Immigration Bill
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The amount of media coverage devoted to Arizona Immigration Bill SB 1070 is growing locally and nationally even though the bill has yet to be signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer. To find out more, read my last blog Gov. Brewer Got the Hot Potato.

Much of the news coverage is being generated by mass hysteria. Amidst all of the hyperbole there is actually some decent reporting going on although it's difficult to find because most of the good journalism was probably accidental. Without further adieu I want to share some of the video coverage I have been watching lately. Why read stuffy news articles when there is online video that is so entertaining?

One of the reasons Latinos and Chicanos radicals are so much fun to watch is because they are masters of drama. This is my favorite #1 video of them all: "Students Arrested at AZ. State Capitol opposing SB 1070", Youtube by Humanleague, April 20, 2010. Unfortunately the Phoenix City police cut the protesters loose from the chains — Sheriff Joe would have just left them in their shackles so that they would be easier to turn over to ICE for deportation.

Rick Sanchez is a dingbat so its important for all of you to understand that "Sanchez" is a very common name, and I'm happy to announce that we are not related. Check out the priest near the end of the video that announces that his church will violate the law if Brewer signs it. "Arizona SB 1070: Lawmaker Senator Russell Pearce defends immigration bill", YouTube CNN, April 21, 2010.

The poster of this video got the title about right. It was on MSNBC and the interviewer was a liberal. Sheriff Joe is on first but the report goes downhill from there. Propaganda BS Alert: Arizona SB 1070 - Reading Between The Lines, YouTube MSNBC, Apr. 20, 2010. Rep. Raul Grijalva of AZ says there should be sanctions against AZ to punish us. Grijalva seems to be calling for statewide religious flagellation ceremonies.

Kyrsten Sinema claims she is a constitutional attorney. If true let's hope that she isn't picked for the Supreme Court. Even Napolitano would be better! Sheriff Joe Arpaio debates Kyrsten Sinema, YouTubeCNN, Apr. 21, 2010. If you want to learn how win and to unite people, be sure to buy her book: Unite and Conquer: How to Build Coalitions That Win and Last". You will see from this book synopsis that Kyrsten is one of those "do as I say, not as I do" types — especially the way she demonizes Pearce and Arpaio on TV!

Too many progressives are still using old-school divide-and-conquer tactics: demonize the other side, frighten the voters, scheme, and maneuver to try to win on your own terms.
The amount of local news is unprecedented. TV12, NBC devoted their entire 10 pm newscast to the issue. Channel 12 is typically very biased towards amnesty and open borders but their recent reporting is not bad.

NBC TV 12: Video archive on immigration

ABC TV15 Video Archive: Their archive "Controversy around immigration bill grows as deadline looms" has their recent stories.

The "Representative" from Arizona again calls for Arizonans to be punished. Grijalva calls for boycott of Arizona over proposed immigration bill, IND, TV3. More self flagellation.

Arizona Attorney Terry Goddard thinks he is going to win the election for Governor. He said the Bill is Wrong, CBS, TV5. What a loser!

Some politicians are duller than a horse's spittoon. Case in point: Terry Goddard is the Arizona Attorney General who announced he is running as a Democrat for the Governor's office. He told Channel 12 News that if Brewer signs the bill into law he will not enforce it! That's an astonishing statement for an AG to make. See him on Ch12: Terry Goddard talks about SB 1070.

Goddard's vow to not enforce the law violates his mission as Arizona Attorney General. The Arizona AG website makes it clear that his mission is to enforce the law. Goddard is violating the Arizona Constitution by selectively choosing which laws he will enforce. This is the AG mission stated on the website:

As the State's chief legal officer, the Attorney General has many duties, but at the heart of my mission is an unwavering commitment to:
  • promote justice
  • protect all Arizonans by aggressively enforcing the law
  • safeguard Arizona's economy, environment and heritage for our children
A Tucson TV channel covered a protest attended by radical Chicanos and stupid white people. They noted that only two people at the protest who supported the bill (duh!), and extrapolated from small number of patriots who were brave enough to stand face to face against the mob, that almost everyone in the USA opposes SB 1070. Immigration bill protests, FOX, TV11.

I saved this one for last because it's the worst one I have seen so far — even considering the one I dubbed #1! Only a college professor could be this stupid, but the TV station must accept responsibility for the black and white photos of the concentration camps. ASU professor who saw Nazi regime first-hand weighs in on immigration bill, IND, TV3.

This doesn't qualify as video because it's an audio file, but it's about the coolest thing you will ever listen to. The story begins when Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles wrote a blog — it's a nasty attack on Arizonans and of course anyone that supports SB 1070.

I can't imagine Arizonans now reverting to German Nazi and Russian Communist techniques whereby people are required to turn one another in to the authorities on any suspicion of documentation.
I'm not sure the Cardinal proofread his rant because he goes on to say:
Our highest priority today is to bring calm and reasoning to discussions about our immigrant brothers and sisters. We are a nation of immigrants, and their commitment and skills have created the finest country in the world. Let's not allow fearful and ill-informed rhetoric to shape public policy. Let's put a human face on our immigrant friends, and let's listen to their stories and their desires to improve their own lives and the good of the nation.
So, Cardinal Mahony thinks he is being Mr. Nice Guy by comparing Arizonans who support SB 1070 with Nazis and Stalinists, but us Arizonans just have to accept what he says and be quiet. Don't think for a minute that Russell Pearce is going to back down from that, and he didn't!

If you recall, Cardinal Mahony told Lou Dobbs that the Catholic Church will not obey United States immigration laws. Oddly, I'm not finding that video online — it seems to have been scrubbed from the internet.

Flash forward to the present. On April 21st during the Michael Smerconish Morning Radio Show Russell Pearce said exactly what he thinks about Cardinal Roger Mahony. Pearce is not known for mincing words and he didn't this time either. Listen to the audio here.

To read more on the Pearce vs. Mahony debate, read this LA Times blog.

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