Maryland Court Denies Islamic Divorce: "I Divorce You" Can't Circumvent State Law
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This is a welcome development. Islam's women-hating customs are not accepted as legally binding in the state of Maryland, at least.
Saying "I divorce thee" three times, as men in Muslim countries have been able to do for centuries when leaving their wives, is not enough if you're a resident of Maryland, the state's highest court ruled yesterday.

Yesterday, the Court of Appeals rejected a Pakistani man's argument that his invocation of the Islamic talaq, under which a marriage is dissolved simply by the husband's say-so, allowed him to part with his wife of more than 20 years and deny her a share of his $2 million estate.

The justices affirmed a lower court's decision overturning a divorce decree obtained in Pakistan by Irfan Aleem, a World Bank economist who moved from London to Maryland with his wife, Farah Aleem, in 1985.[Court denies Islamic divorce Man's attempt to circumvent state law is rejected ,By Nick Madigan, Baltimore Sun, May 7, 2008 ]

Additional reportage from the Washington Post: Islamic Divorce Ruled Not Valid in Maryland.
The state Court of Appeals issued a unanimous 21-page opinion Tuesday declaring that talaq is contrary to Maryland's constitutional provisions providing equal rights to men and women.
This is more of the wonderful immigration-fueled diversity we are supposed to celebrate!


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