Marriage Gap Around 20 Points Or Greater, More Than Double The Gender Gap
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November 07, 2012, 03:47 AM
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The marriage gap is always a low priority when news websites put up their exit polls. Everybody knows that`s not an important gap, not like the colossal gender gap, so nobody pays attention to it, so next time, the marriage gap isn`t give much play either, and so forth and so on forever and ever amen.

After checking a number of outlets, I finally found that the Washington Post has an elegant exit poll demographics page that does have the data.

Romney v. Obama

Married Men: 60 - 38

Married Women 53 - 46

Non-Married Men 40 - 56

Non-Married Women 30 - 68

From this, just guesstimating, until somebody puts up the exact numbers:

Marrieds (both sexes): 56 - 42

Singles (both sexes): 35 - 62

So the marriage gap is around 20 points, maybe higher.

In contrast, the famous gender gap was apparently about 9 points, or less than half of the marriage gap.