Mark Steyn Explains to Bill O’Reilly That More Muslims Mean More Terror
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It was disturbing to see Bill O’Reilly agree with the “true Islam” ideology of the left on Monday when in discussing the weekend’s jihad attacks in New York and New Jersey, he said:
“No one can stop these attacks by disturbed individuals who are badly damaging the Islamic faith.

Young Muslim men are now looked upon with suspicion all over the world and the crazy terrorists are the reason why.”

O’Reilly clearly states jihadist killers are “disturbed individuals” who are “crazy.” That characterization buys into the idea that the “true Islam” is the Religion of Peace, when in the real world, Islamic scripture, history and current behavior show otherwise. Islam critic, author and JihadWatch blogger Robert Spencer has appeared on Fox News numerous times explaining that Muslims are instructed by their religion to conquer the world for allah by any means necessary, and the global caliphate will be run by clerics enforcing strict sharia law. Chancellor Merkel’s welcome of Syrian Muslims to Germany has immersed her nation in a firestorm of violence because of that belief. So it’s not like O’Reilly hasn’t been exposed to the ugly truth.

Author Mark Steyn is more realistic about Islam, and he offered a subtle smackdown using arithmetic in his remarks when he appeared later in the program.

BILL O’REILLY: You may remember that over the summer a French priest was murdered by Muslim terrorists in his own church. That sparked more outcry against the jihad in France and around the world. Political commentator Mark Steyn recently returned from Europe where he attended the priest’s funeral and spoke with a number of people affected by the jihad. Mr. Steyn joins us now from Colchester, Vermont. What did you learn there? What was the headline that you learned in Europe, Mr. Steyn?

MARK STEYN: Well, you said at the top of the show that migrants aren’t the problem, jihadists are, and that’s true, but there is a crude arithmetic here, Bill, which is that the more Muslims you have, the more terrorism you have. So that France, Belgium and Germany have very high Muslim populations and they have a lot of terrorism. When you’re in Poland and the Czech Republic, they have very few Muslims, so they don’t have terrorism, and the question for Europe, and I think for the United States a few years down the line, is whether you can contain this just by the big security state.

I was on the beach and there were soldiers everywhere in France now — outside schools, shopping centers, railway stations. I was on the beach at Saint Tropez where the topless women have armed soldiers with automatic weapons patrolling between the topless women. It’s a sad sight, and it’s an absurd sight. Ultimately, it’s no solution. Continue reading this article

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