Marco Rubio's Response—in English and Cuban Spanish—Will it Win Over Mexican-Americans?
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Marco Rubio is the GOP elite's Great White Hispanic Hope and that's important in this era of Hispanic Hysteria. It looks as though they are grooming Rubio to be the Republican standard-bearer in 2016. So naturally they put him up to deliver the response to Obama's State of the Union message.

I watched Rubio's response in English on NBC, then on the internet I found his response in Spanish. I was interested to see whether or not Rubio would say the same thing in Spanish as he does in English. Well, this time, he did.

However, looking at the response as a tool to increase the Hispanic vote, I think it comes up short. While it is in Spanish,  Rubio speaks with a Cuban accent of Spanish which is quite distinct from the Mexican accent.

Will that in and of itself make a difference? I don't know, but as it´s been pointed out before, Mexican-Americans and Cuban-Americans are different and have very different historical experiences in America.

On the real substance of Rubio's message, he makes a case for economic liberty and small government and that sort of thing. Can that message compete with the Democrats' offer of more benefits? I really doubt it.

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