Mandatory Finnish Content: Finland still #1 in Europe
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December 04, 2013, 02:06 PM
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There has been much talk about how Finland plummeted from its traditional top spot in the PISA scores, but:

  • Finland was always only tops in white countries. Some Northeast Asians would typically beat the Finns.
  • Finland is still #1 in white countries if you weight Math (519 for Finland), Science (545), and Reading (524) equally, for an overall score of 529, ahead of runner-up Estonia (526). This go-round of PISA emphasized Math, on which Finland came in fifth among white countries behind Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Estonia.

Overall, though, across all three subjects, Finland was still #1 in Europe and its diaspora.

In contrast, the Scandinavian countries did not excel in 2012, with overall means of 498 for Denmark, 496 for oil-rich Norway, and 482 for Sweden. Among members of the OECD, the rich countries` club, Sweden beat only Israel, Slovakia, Greece, Turkey, Chile, and Mexico. (Some of those countries that Sweden edged out are in the rich countries` club only for "courtesy" or "aspirational" reasons.)