"Man" And "California Woman" Convicted In Sex Trafficking
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When I saw these headlines"Man Found Guilty for Forcing Women and Juveniles into Prostitution" and"California Woman Sentenced to More Than Three Years in Prison for Human Trafficking Charge," on the DOJ website, I thought "I bet there's something those headlines aren't telling us."

 It turns out that the "Man" is a Mexican—not a Hispanic, or Mexican-American, but an actual Mexican "of Mexico" who is facing life in prison for forcing young illegal immigrant girls into prostitution.

 The California woman is actually a Chinese woman. Oh, it's possible she's acquired American citizenship, since they're not talking about deporting herbut she's Chinese—that's how she could go to China and recruit a Chinese victim. She's getting 37 months on "forced labor" charges, since her victim "provided cooking, cleaning and child care services" instead of being forced into prostitution.

Department of Justice
Office of Public Affairs
Tuesday, November 23, 2010
WASHINGTON - A federal jury today convicted Amador Cortes-Meza, 36, of Mexico, of multiple charges of sex trafficking and human smuggling offenses related to a scheme to force women and juveniles into prostitution. The jury found Cortes-Meza guilty on all 19 counts after a trial lasting approximately two weeks.[More]
Daughter, Son-in-Law Sentenced on Immigration Charges
WASHINGTON - Fang Ping Ding was sentenced in federal court late yesterday to 37 months in prison for confiscating the passport, visa and other documents of a woman from the People’s Republic of China in order to maintain control over the victim and force her to work as an unpaid, live-in domestic servant. During the same hearing, Ding's daughter, Wei Wei Liang, and her son-in-law, Bo Shen, were sentenced to home confinement and probationary sentences, respectively, on related immigration charges of harboring the victim, who entered and remained in the United States illegally, in their Fremont, Calif., home. The court also ordered that the defendants jointly pay the victim $83,866.61 and that Liang and Shen also forfeit $346,000 to the government.[More]
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