Malibu, America's Least Welcoming Town, Declares Itself a Sanctuary City
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From the Los Angeles Times:

Malibu becomes a sanctuary city — in solidarity with its gardeners, cooks and others in the U.S. illegally

Benjamin Oreskes

The discussion inside Malibu City Hall over whether to become a sanctuary city last week bore the usual hallmarks of the heated national debate over illegal immigration.

… The idea was inspired by one of the town’s many famous residents: actor Martin Sheen. In December, he grabbed the lectern during a City Council meeting and — as if conjuring his inner President Josiah Bartlet from “The West Wing” — urged the city to become a sanctuary city.

Like many sanctuary city resolutions, Malibu’s is largely symbolic. Backers said the move, which passed on a 3-2 council vote, is a chance for Malibu’s privileged to stand up for the city’s vulnerable population.

The city’s “population” that doesn’t actually live in the city, to be precise. The city of Malibu possesses 21 miles of oceanfront, but the population has never been allowed to reach 13,000.Screenshot 2017-03-25 21.25.40

Malibu has been world famous for about 60 years, but practically nobody lives there because the voters who currently live there like it that way. That’s because they are environmentally conscious and thus don’t want tacky commoners from Encino moving in. In contrast, you aren’t in favor of Open Borders for your country because you are a racist xenophobe, you hater, you.

Downtown Malibu consists of the city hall and a big vacant lot that Rob Reiner and Barbra Streisand won a referendum over in 2014 to keep somebody from opening a Whole Foods in it because people who live in Malibu have interns who can drive to the Calabasas Whole Foods for them. At the bottom of the screen is the Pacific Ocean and just above it is the Perenchio Golf Course. Jerry Perenchio isn’t Hispanic, but he used to own Univision, so he is still your moral superior.

Malibu is about 92% white and one of L.A. County’s wealthiest cities.

Everyone agrees the city has workers who are not authorized to be in the United States, and they tend to serve the food at upscale eateries, clean the beachside mansions, look after children and keep the landscaping looking lush. …

Only about 6% of Malibu is Latino, according to the 2010 census. …

But residents say a good chunk of the service workforce is Latino. … “Heck … we would be paralyzed and no one’s houses would be cleaned,” the former surf shop owner said.

On the other hand, the good people of Malibu aren’t going to let their illegal alien servant class make their unsightly homes in Malibu. Dealing with them and their families when they aren’t working is your job, you nativist hater you.
Juan Escobar 32, makes sure the Malibu Country Mart, a collection of upscale boutiques, stays in tip-top shape. … He commutes to Malibu from Compton.
It’s only 40.2 miles each way from Compton to Malibu. That’s 2 hours and 16 minutes by public transportation.

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