MALDEF Calls For Homan’s Removal For Threatening To Prosecute Leaders Of "Sanctuary Jurisdictions"
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MALDEF, the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund, has called for the removal of acting ICE Director Thomas Homan, likening him to a communist security chief. (Hey, how anti-communist was MALDEF during the Cold War?)

Here’s what the MALDEF statement has to say:

Please attribute the following statement on Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan’s threat to criminally prosecute leaders of sanctuary jurisdictions to MALDEF President and General Counsel Thomas A. Saenz:

“In what can only be characterized as astonishing emulation of a Cold War-era, Eastern European security chief, Acting ICE Director Thomas Homan yesterday [January 2] asserted that elected state and local officials should be held ‘personally accountable’ for immigration integration policies – with which Homan disagrees – through federal criminal prosecution. Homan’s statements expose that he is completely unfit for the position to which he has been nominated.


This is rather amazing when you think about it. MALDEF’s leader is calling this a question of Homan’s “disagreeing” with officials who defy federal law and enable others to do so.

What are “immigration integration policies”? That’s MALDEF’s creative term for local and state policies which defy federal law and protect illegal aliens.

In the United States, state and local elected officials are held ‘personally accountable’ by voters, not by threats of unwarranted criminal prosecution.
Local and state officials enacting sanctuary policies are breaking the law and enabling others to break the law.

As for being “personally accountable” to voters, does that apply to Trump and other officials elected by voters who want our immigration laws enforced?

In California, the chief target of Homan’s unhinged vitriol, voters can decide not to reelect officials with whom they disagree, or even to recall them prior to the next election. In the United States, unlike dictatorial regimes operating behind a thin facade of democracy, national officials do not threaten to prosecute local and state elected officeholders whose policy views differ from their own.
This is not a question of differences of “policy views”. Officials promoting sanctuary policies are defying the law. It’s just that MALDEF doesn’t like that law.
Our Constitution protects against such anti-democratic practices. Homan’s statement violates the First Amendment, Tenth Amendment, and Fourteenth Amendment in seeking to intimidate state and local officeholders elected by voters to policymaking positions. Because he apparently adheres to the views of a dangerous crypto-totalitarian thug, Homan should not hold any position of authority in our government. Homan should be removed immediately.”
I’m assuming Saenz is referring to Trump when says a “dangerous crypto-totalitarian thug”. Trump is President—Homan is required by law to “adhere to” his policy.

MALDEF has spoken. Well, it’s not surprising, is it? MALDEF doesn’t want immigration law enforced.

So when is the federal government really going to do anything about these sanctuary policies?

How about some exemplary arrests of officials in California and other states?

You can’t go halfway on this issue. Where’s Trump, and where is AG Sessions?

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