Making A Game Out Of Patriotism?
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Douglas, AZ Mayor Ray Borane has accused Minuteman Project coordinator Jim Gilchrist of making a "game" out of "patriotism"

Borane charged that Gilchrist is on the "verge of creating an international incident."[Border control effort draws volunteers, stirs anxieties - Jerry Kramer San Diego Union Tribune March 17 2005]

While Borane claims to be "worried" that volunteers might be shot, the Mayor has a wretched history of defending the integrity of his country. In 2003, he actually received the Ohtli Award given by the Mexican government to that individual who has done the most "to improve U.S.-Mexican relation and…promote Mexican heritage and culture.”

Dating back to 2000, Borane told PBS that deporting illegal aliens from Arizona would "paralyze" local industry.

In 2002, Borane flatly refused to allow local police help enforce immigration law.

Finally, in February 2005, Borane charged that the Minuteman Project is "made up of white supremacists, racists and very dangerous people."

Like so many other politician belonging to the Treason Lobby, Borane is threatened by the growing demand from Americans that the border between the U.S. and Mexico be properly managed.

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