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It’s news to me, but apparently the day after Thanksgiving is now called ”Black Friday”. And it’s the heaviest shopping day of the year.

So, to celebrate America’s spending mood, I’m starting our annual year-end VDARE.COM fundraising drive today.

Actually, I mean that bit about America’s spending mood quite literally.

Don’t forget when you’re buying gifts through to go in through a VDARE.COM link—for example here —and we get a commission at no cost to you! And also don’t forget that you can now buy VDARE.COM merchandise on our VDARE.COM online shop.

We’ve only had one fund-raising drive this year. And that was back in May.

Our advisers are mad at me. They think I should remind you every few weeks that it’s only your generosity and patriotism that keeps VDARE.COM going.

(Many thanks, by the way, to those of you who do donate even without my prodding, especially those who donate monthly—for details of how to do this, scroll to the end. It’s not just the money. It really raises our morale when we see your donations come in.)

I know our advisors are right. But asking for money gives me the creeps.

And, frankly, management (me) is pretty stretched pretty thin at VDARE.COM. If I spend time organizing an appeal, I can’t spend it editing.

And we post every day at VDARE.COM, an enormous amount of material. There are just so many targets!

And what we post is prepared to the highest professional standards—I’ve not been working in the Mainstream Media for 30 years for nothing. And we use hyperlinks, not the least of the advantages of this wonderful new medium, better than anyone else on the least, I think so. They help us document our case. Readers who are new to the cause of patriotic immigration reform find our hyperlinks particularly compelling. But the whole process is very labor-intensive.

Needless to say, I despair of ever writing again myself! Right now, as a matter of fact, I have three pet projects half-done: appreciations of William F. Buckley and of my old friend David Frum; and of course work on a new immigration book to update my 1995 Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster (“seminal”—Patrick J. Buchanan; ”left nothing for anyone to say”—Ann Coulter. Sigh!)

But for me to write more, we’d have to have hire another editor. Which we can’t remotely afford at the moment.

Nevertheless, money is our secret weapon at VDARE.COM. Our fixed costs are very low. We have no offices, we operate entirely virtually. We don’t have to pay printing and postage (thank goodness!)

What this means: essentially everything you give goes to pay writers and editors.

Our writers and editors are not paid as much as I would like. But they do get something. This ability to pay our writers is what has distinguished VDARE.COM from a host of excellent but evanescent blogs which have come and gone.

Writers will often write for love—because they passionately believe in our cause. But in the long run, they need to be able to justify the time spent, to their families and to themselves.

At VDARE.COM, we are in this for the long haul. We are building an institution. We need money to do that. We can only do it with your help.

To me as a professional journalist, the quantity and quality of non-professional writing on the immigration issue that comes in over the e-transom has been a revelation. Many of these writers have full-time careers in other fields, some are students; I encourage them all to write anonymously because of the very real reign of terror imposed by the curse of Political Correctness. Others are struggling, idealistic free-lancers; I shudder for them. All are patriots deprived of outlets because of the orthodoxy of the Mainstream Media.

I was about to launch into a discussion of the voices that VDARE.COM has brought into the immigration debate. But I still don’t think I can do better than New York freelancer Nicholas Stix in this completely unsolicited testimonial that he wrote on his blog Nicholas Stix, Uncensored last year:

How important is Pat Buchanan’s just released work, State of Emergency, is easily the most important immigration book written since Michelle Malkin’s Invasion, four years ago. (It may be the most important book since founder Peter Brimelow’s 1995 work, Alien Nation.) The impeccable statistical research Buchanan cites in State of Emergencywas provided by statistician Edwin Rubenstein, a columnist. And when the standard-setting report on race in America, The State of White America, appears later this month, [to be published by the National Policy Institute] it too will have statistical foundations provided by Ed Rubenstein.

But that’s not all, folks.

Steve Sailer, another regular columnist, may well be the most brilliant intellectual-journalist working in the English language today.

But there’s more. also showcases work written exclusively for it by columnists Bryanna Bevens, Allan Wall, James Fulford, Joe Guzzardi, Juan Mann, Donald A. Collins, Brenda Walker and Athena Kerry.

A listing of just a few of its exposes (including two from yours truly) follows:

S. 2611 Amnesty/Open Borders/Immigration Acceleration Bill: VDARE helped galvanize opposition that shelved the bill for now, and exposed the Pence Plan by Cong. Mike Pence (R-Indiana), that sought to backdoor amnesty, while claiming to be a “rational middle ground.”

Misrepresenting the Hispanic Vote: Steve Sailer has for several years continually exposed the myths whereby not only the socialist MSM, but their Republican counterparts, not to mention politicians from both major parties have proceeded as if Hispanics’ votes somehow counted for more than whites’ votes.

Naming Open Border Lobby names: writers have shown how low the OBL will sink, in order to defend the indefensible, such as in Patrick Cleburne’s expos?© of Colorado horse farm owner Helen Krieble’s agitations for amnesty, whereby Krieble seeks to depress the wages she has to pay her workers.

VDAWDI: With his American Worker Displacement Index, Edwin S. Rubenstein has kept a monthly tab on the rise of “immigrant” employment, and concurrent decline in the employment of Americans.

EOIR: In what he should have turned into a book by now, immigration attorney and VDARE columnist Juan Mann has shown how the Executive Office of Immigration Review has undermined the enforcement of immigration law.

America’s Worst Immigration JournalistVDARE.comcolumnist Joe Guzzardi presides over one of the fiercest journalism competitions in existence: determining who, of all the shamelessly dishonest open borders shills, is the worst.

God & Girl at a Catholic University: Athena Kerry’s series showed the decline into multicultural nihilism of one once proudly Catholic institution.

Diversity is Strength! It’s Also … Police Corruption:In 1995, the New York City Police Department hired illegal alien Martin Peters. When Peters came under suspicion in the murder of the mother of his child, and the NYPD showed reticence about promoting him to sergeant, Peters who played the race card, and got his promotion. Sgt. Peters is now under indictment for Murder in the Second Degree, Assault in the First Degree, Intimidating a Witness in the Third Degree, Menacing in the Second Degree, three counts of Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree, defrauding HUD out of $38,724 in rent subsidies, bankruptcy fraud and last, but not least, immigration fraud.

“Disappearing” Urban Crime: shows the methods of statistical fraud the NYPD employs to make New York “America’s Safest Big City.”

The VDARE Blog: has one of the best blogs on the Web, with steady contributions from its regular columnists, plus bloggers Patrick Cleburne and Randall Burns.

And I must add that Nicholas Stix has just recently provided us with a devastating 5,000-word account of the ”Knoxville Horror”—yet another case of appalling interracial murders, suppressed by the local establishment and the national MSM. Until America honestly debates such questions, diversity will not be strength.

I admit, in fact I assert, that VDARE.COM is high up the intellectual food chain. We develop ideas. Then (too late, we think, of course) our ideas pass into the public debate.

I must confess: sometimes I wonder about my editorial judgment.


  • For example: Just recently, the editor of a new, and quite radical, website told me he couldn’t use Steve Sailer as a writer because he keeps reporting the science on average IQ differences.

My reaction: is it science or not?

Vindication: Just recently, William Saletan of has written three articles arguing that DNA Nobel laureate winner James D. Watson was right to note that average African IQ matters.

But, needless to say, it is nothing that VDARE.COM’s Steve Sailer has not been documenting since VDARE.COM was launched on Christmas Eve, 1999.

But I guess Saletan has just proved Steve right (although of course he didn’t credit him).

But I don’t care about that. VDARE.COM exists to push the envelope. If we don’t do it, the Slates and Saletans (and Establishment Conservatives) won’t come in after us.



Please help us now. Otherwise I will spend even more time expanding this appeal.

  Peter Brimelow

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