Major National Immigration Reduction Organization Seeks To Hire High-Dollar Fundraiser
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N. B. This is not an add for a job at, but for a kindred organization.'s fundraising is very simple—we ask you to send us money.

Major national immigration reduction organization based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area seeks to hire high-dollar fundraiser. Fundraising will be both for the organization itself, and other organizations within the immigration reform movement.

Compensation will be high, with both a fixed base and a variable bonus.

Candidates must have strong interpersonal skills, both on the telephone and in person. Candidates should have experience in fundraising and must have experience with grant applications. Finally, candidates should have experience dealing with the very wealthy.

On substance, candidates must be able to quickly and completely master the case for less immigration, both ending illegal immigration and reducing legal immigration.

Successful applicants must be willing to travel reasonably frequently and live either in the Washington, DC area or in a city with frequent air service to Reagan Washington National Airport.

Candidates can be either full-time or part-time, but part-time and /or working outside Washington would be only for more experienced candidates. Please send resume to [email protected]

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