Maggy Brimelow RIP – One Year Later
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One year ago tonight, my wife Maggy died after a heartbreaking struggle with cancer. Many thanks to the many VDARE.COM readers who have written to me; I am still struggling with replies.

I also want to thank John Derbyshire, and my friends at National Review, for his recent powerful NR piece on Maggy's treatment by the Episcopal Bishop of Connecticut, Andrew Smith. (Scroll to fifth item). Shortly before her death, Maggy discovered her spiritual advisor had been ordered to meet with women only with a third person present. She appealed to Bishop Smith (whom she knew personally) to be able to continue seeing her advisor as before. Smith never replied.

The ugly possibility exists that he resented her stand as a member of the Bishop's Advisory Committee against the ordination of openly homosexual clergy.

Much of what we write about at VDARE.COM comes down to shepherds betraying their flocks. The internet, at least, gives us a chance to reprove them. [Email Smith].

Thanks also to the redoubtable TitusOneNine and the Midwest Conservative Journal blogs, both of whom picked up the story, and to those who added supportive comments there.

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