Louis CK: White Americans Need to be More Sensitive Toward White Mexicans
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The parents of Louis CK, the fine comedian and actor, met at Harvard (which the son refers in this audio-only interview as “uh, summer school,” perhaps out of fear that mentioning the H-word might raise doubts about his regular guyness). His mother is a white American, his Mexican father is an economist with a Mexican mother and a Hungarian Jewish father.

As you know, I find Mexico rather important and interesting, what with it being a neighboring nation of over 150 million, about 35 million of whom are living in my county. So, I was intrigued when I first learned that this talented comedian’s father is a Mexican economist. Surely, he must have learned something from his family about Mexico and why it is like it is, especially since Louis CK’s father is a member of Mexico’s small white highbrow class.

So far, however, I haven’t stumbled upon Louis CK saying anything insightful about Mexico. He mostly seems to deploy his Mexican Connection as a way to ring up Diversity Pokemon Points for himself. Granted, in the above audio, he’s being interviewed by Tavis Smiley … but has Louis CK ever said anything worth noting about Mexico?

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