Loretta Sanchez And The Constitution
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Via Kathy Shaidle ("Glenn Beck bashes Hispanic politician for mocking white Tea Partiers") I note this audio clip of an interview with Loretta Sanchez, a Democrat representing California's 47th congressional district.

The issues Glenn Beck raises are

(a) She's mocking the Tea Party-style freshmen for their respect for the Constitution:

So, I’m going over. I’m sitting down with them. I’m introducing myself. I’m visiting with them. I’m trying to get — you know, you have to form relationships in order for you to be able to pass legislation, but out of their mouths continue to come the same thing — it’s unconstitutional. Everything to them is unconstitutional. It’s unconstitutional. It’s unconstitutional. It’s unconstitutional.”

(b) She's making fun of them for being white and Southern.

On Stephanie Miller's liberal talk show, Ms. Sanchez put on her best Southern drawl and referred to Tea Party backed lawmakers as "Moe." Amid howls of laughter from her host, she carried on a conversation with herself.
"Sanchez, can I see your papers? I don't believe you're a congresswoman. Let's see your birth certificate....Hey what's your name? 'My name is M-o-e.... Ok Moe. Moe-ster, how you doing baby? What are we going to do today? What's your interest? What can we work on together?.....Well,, it's unconstitutional."[Congresswoman Sanchez Mocks Tea Party, Vietnamese, Republicans,by Gig Veres, Gather.com, April 16, 2011]

With typical "Double standard" whining about how it's OK to make fun of white Southerners, but not OK to make fun of Hispanics. Which is true, but we're not going to get anywhere by being more sensitive than minorities. However, here's another quote from Sanchez, showing, by the way, that she has read this Constitution thing:

"You know, to be a member of House, there are three requirements. You have to be a citizen for at least seven years. You have to be at least age 25 and you have to win an election. The tough part is winning an election. Okay. So, I give them credit for winning election. They got in the same way I did."

Really, Congresswoman? were any of the Tea Party freshmen elected from immigrant-dominated "rotten boroughs" where so many residents were not US citizens that only 68,000 people voted in the Congressional election?

Were any of the Tea Party freshmen the beneficiaries of fraudulent voting by actual aliens? Because that's how Loretta Sanchez got elected. [See Dornan vs. Sanchez, Human Events, June 19, 1998]

It's no wonder that she doesn't think much of the Constitution.

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