London `Welcomes` the G20 Leaders!
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London is giving a warm, multicultural welcome to the G20 leaders assembling there. Londoners Greeting the G20 Leaders

Interestingly, overt Marxism is largely absent from the symbols of protest-which seems centered around environmental and anarchist sympathies. Anarchist Flag in London Protests

Since the Great Depression, there was largely an identification of Marxism with the left. That originated when restriction of immigration was fact in most developed countries. Key elements of the Social Democratic Marxist tradition are now part of the Global elite when something has gone deeply wrong.

The face of the "Establishment" is rather cosmopolitan. The New Rainbow of Leadership

We are seeing crowds thresh about, unconsciously seeking some package of policies that will address essential issues. These intellectual and cultural gyrations accelerate until a real solution is found for the world economy and the major developed countries. Until immigration restriction is in place, issues essential to leftists simply cannot be addressed in developed countries-and that creates a huge quandary for the left aspect of global leadership because they are so identified with multiculturalism they can't think straight about immigration issues. When street leftists move into corridors of power, they create a niche for new and different varieties of street leftists-and that will continue until somebody who moves into power delivers something real.

Anti-immigration groups like the BNP aren't part of the G20 Protests—but that could change if the global economy and leftist orthodoxy continues to unravel.

More photos of the London G2 Protests are here.

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